Claude-Michel Schönberg

"The Robbery"

[THENARDIER, spoken]
Everyone here, you know your place
Brujon, Babet, Claqusous!
You, Montparnasse, watch for the law
With Eponine, take care
You turn on the tears
No mistakes, my dears

Please M'sieur, come this way
Here's a child that ain't eaten today
Save a life, spare a soul
God rewards all the good that you do

Wait a bit— know that face
Ain't the world a remarkable place?

Men like me don't forget
You're the bast*rd that borrowed Colette


What is this? Are you mad?
No, Monsieur, you don't know what you say

You know me, I know you!

Can you pay what we're due

And you better dig deep!

It's the police! Disappear!
Run for it! It's Javert!

Another brawl in the square
Another stink in the air
Was there a witness to this?
Well, let him speak to Javert
M'sieur, the streets are not safe
But let these vermin beware
We'll see that justice is done

Look upon this fine collection
Crawled from underneath a stone
This swarm of worms and maggots
Could have picked you to the bone

I know this man over here
I know his name and his trade
And on your witness, M'sieur
We'll see him suitably paid

[Valjean and Cosette have disappeared]

But where's the gentleman gone
And why on earth did he run?

You will have a job to find him
He's not all he seems to be
And that girl who trails behind him
Is the child he stole from me

Yeah and me!

[THENARDIER, spoken]
Yeah both of us

Could it be he's that old jailbird
That the tide now washes in?
Heard my name and started running
All the omens point to him

In the absence of a victim
Dear Inspector, may I go?
And remember when you've nicked him
It was me who told you so!

Let the old man keep on running
I will run him off his feet
Everyone about your business
Clear this garbage off the street!

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