"Ferris Wheel"

[Verse 1]
You got it for me
And I find it hard say but she knows I got bills
When she looks, it never happens
When you know I’ve been here trap inside my brain

And it never looks
Looks so bright
Like a shooting star in the dark sky night (night, night)
Its bright, I feel alive
Why you fight?
When we could just drive

[Verse 2]
Ferris wheel
Won’t you look at me
Look at me for the last time
Ay yuh
Happiness, I don’t need that
Just a less pain, I’d be glad with that
I don’t give a f*ck about moments we had yeah (na, na)
Everything’s in the past, I don’t want it no more
We might have a phone call and I’ll just hang up (hang up)
Don’t bring those feelings back, I can not afford you ( not afford you yeah)
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