Connan Mockasin

"It’s Your Body 1"


[Verse 1]
I notice what you wear
I know it is the time to give
Never free, never there
I'm waiting for
I know your body well
Tell it what you want to do
Let it go, let it flow
Stare among your body

Hey, [?]
It’s coming, I'm coming

[Verse 2]
I notice that you're free
Try what you like to do
Anything, caramel, very well, the motion
What it make you [?]
Try what you want to feel
But you’re never free, but you're never there
Waiting for your body

Ahh, ah ah ah
What'd [?]
Ahh, ah ah ah
Thought it [?] (maybe it's your body)
Ahh, ah ah ah (oh)
Ahh, ah ah ah

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