Higher than your blood sugar (WIP Track) lyrics



[Verse 1:YourFavouriteHonky]
Yo, it's the realest honky, comin' at ya
Luke Miller, you know I ain't playin' no games
You think you can diss me, but you're nothing lame
You got diabetes, that's a damn shame
But that's not even the worst part, you're mentally challenged
Your bars are weak, you can't even spit a decent verse
You're just a washed up rapper, you're not worth the curse
I'm tearing you apart, you can't even make a decent first verse

[Verse 2:YourFavouriteHonky]
You think you can compete with me, but you're just a joke
You're not even in the same league, you can't even spit a decent flow
Your rhymes are stale, you can't even keep up with the pros
You're just a wannabe, you don't even belong in this game
You're just a one hit wonder, you can't even maintain your fame
You're just a weak rhyming rapper, you'll never make it to the top
I'm tearing you apart, you can't even keep up with the beat, your writing is a flop

[Verse 3:YourFavouriteHonky]
His bars are weak, they ain't got no punch
Looks anorexic, lookin' like he hasn't eaten in a month
Luke Miller, you ain't got what it takes
To go up against me, you're just a fake
My skill with the pen and pad is higher than your blood sugar levels
But the only level you'll go to is the ground floor
[Verse 4:YourFavouriteHonky]
You can try to diss me, but you'll never win
I'll rip you apart, verse by verse, like a razor-sharp pin
You ain't got the skills, you ain't got the flow
You're just a wannabe, a no-show

[Verse 5:YourFavouriteHonky]
So give it up, Miller, you ain't got a chance
I'll leave you in the dust, with a rap killshot that'll leave you in a trance
You ain't got what it takes to hang with the best
I'll leave you in the shadows, while I shine brighter than the rest

I'm only playing miller,you know I dont mean it (haha)
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