Track #2 Milluh lyrics



[Verse 1:YourFavouriteHonky]
Yo, it's the honky, coming at you with a fire in my veins
I'm tired of this punk Luke Miller, causing me pains
He thinks he's tough, but really he's just a fool
His diabetes has him acting like a retarded mule
He tries to diss me, but he's just a joke
His rhymes are weak, they barely even choke
He can't keep up with my flow, I'm too fast
His blood sugar's low, he's falling from the past
Luke Miller, you can try to bring me down
But I'll always come back with a new crown
I'm the king of the game, you're just a pawn
Your insulin shots can't keep you from going down
So step aside, and let me shine
I'll leave you in the dust, with your insulin line
I'm the real deal, and you're just a fake
I'll leave you in the dirt, for heaven's sake
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