Track #3 Illmatic lyrics



[Verse 1:YourFavouriteHonky]
You say your sh*tty rap diss will be fire
But all I gotta do to put it out is p*ss on it
The only disease that I have is to be illmatic with this pen and pad
Yeah my arms have seizures
Only cause I can't handle my own fire I put out
Not my fault your stuck having seizures failing to seize the moment
Dude listening to you spit your rhymes it's so draining
I'd rather be on the floor of a morgue burning

[Verse 2:YourFavouriteHonky}
With all the bars I'm spitting I hope I don’t confuse you
I’m just trying to get this sh*t through to you
Hey badwolf bast*rd,would you like to bear witness to this little ass kicking I’m bout to administer to this little c*ck sucking vaginal blister?
Oh I sound like a caveman ay
That's ok
Atleast I don’t sound like a ratarded maggot
You f*cking antagonistic faggot
Lookie how can this rookie even think of coming at me
When his anorexic ass can’t even eat a f*ckin’ cookie
My lyrics will rip you from head to elbow, from arm to sensor mark
These mix of syllables I bet they sound complex to you like those restrictions from you entering the children's park
Lines perplexin' you
With words that could put a hex on you if I really tried
Snap that skinny neck of yours in two
You think your a rapper but your rhymes are just getting wacker
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