Track #6 Self-Diss lyrics



This is a little sh*tty diss I made against myself for the crack of it

[Verse 1:YourFavouriteHonky]
Yo, Kieran Cleminson
What's up with your height
You're shorter than a f*ckin’ midget
A sad, little sight

Your rhymes are so sickly,you’ll end up bedridden
You may have a following
But it's only because they're blind
They don't see the truth in your words
They're just a bunch of mindless drones

[Verse 2:YourFavouriteHonky]
YourWashedUpHonky, you're just a joke
Your flow is weak, looking like a punctured boat
You think you're sick, but you're just a sniveler
You had meningitis, and now you're just a sliver
Of skill you once were,a fraction of your previous self
Declining slowing due to your health

Have you seen your height?
You were literally born with a hindrance in this game
It's holding you back
You can't reach the mic
Your rhymes get cut off track
[Verse 3:YourFavouriteHonky]
In the rap game
Size matters
And you're too small to succeed
Just a little spitter

And come on man,lets talk about your addiction
Like what the f*cks up with that
You can't seem to function
Without your daily fix of caffeine
Might as well go drink some lean

You're hooked on the stuff
Can't live without a cup
But it's not healthy
You need to wake up

Your body is jittery
Your mind is all over the place
You need to break free
From this caffeine craze
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