Track #7 Response Miller lyrics



[Verse 1:YourFavouriteHonky]
This motherf*cker man
His diabetic ass just won't shut up

Luke Miller, you think you're hot stuff
But you're just a washed up has-been, not even worth the smoke from a marijuana puff
You claim to be a rapper, but your rhymes are all weak
You're just a wannabe trying to steal Eminem's peak

You're a fraud and a fake, with no talent in sight
You're just a nobody trying to start a fight
But you'll never be a legend like Marshall Mathers
You're just a cheap imitation, like knockoff sneakers

So keep on dreaming, Luke Miller, you'll never be great
Your rapping skills are non-existent, just a big mistake
You can try to diss me, but your words will fall flat
You'll never be as good as me, not even close to that

[Verse 2:YourFavouriteHonky]
So step aside, Luke Miller, and let the real MCs shine
You'll never hold a candle to the greats like Slim Shady and Busta Rhymes
You're just a wannabe trying to ride on the coattails of the best
But you'll never reach the top, you're just a second-rate pest

Is it that hard to think of your own bars
Resorting to recycling your lasts disses
Come on man,with sh*t like that you ain't ever gonna go far
How about you just stick to giving your grandparents kisses
You can try to come at me with your lame ass rhymes and disses
But they'll never land, they're just a waste of time
You're a joke,Miller, a laughingstock in this little rap game
You'll never make a name for yourself, you're just a shame
Your fifteen minutes of fame are over, it's time for you to scram
You're a nobody, Luke Miller, just a blip on the radar
You’ll be a one-hit wonder,just a spec of sh*t on the pan
You'll never be a true MC, you're just a fraud and a failure
So give it up, Luke Miller, it's time to move on
You'll never be a legend, you're just a wannabe gone wrong
You can try to rap all you want, but it won't change a thing
You'll always be a second-rate rapper, with only third rate talent to bring

[Verse 3:YourFavouriteHonky]
You think you're tough, Luke Miller, with your weak diss track
But it's clear to see you're just a wannabe who's lacking in rap skills
Your flow is non-existent, your rhymes are lazy and weak
You’re just a sorry excuse for an MC,with nothing unique

So give it up, honky, and find a new f*cking hobby
You'll never be a “rap god”, you're just a f*cking wannabe
You can try to diss me all you want, but it won't f*cking matter
You're just a f*cking joke,and that's all you'll ever f*cking be
I spit fire and never act tame
My flow is sick, my rhymes are ill
I'm the king of the mic, I always kill
I think its time to end this sh*t with your lame ass jabs at me

Let me reiterate
You're just a wannabe rapper, You ain't got no real talent
Just a bunch of noise you're makin'
You think you're hot, but you're not
Your rhymes are full of rot
You can't even rap a good f*ckin’ bar
You need to go back to the start
Your lyrics are weak
Your beats are bleak
You don't know how to make it real
You can't even drop a single quality verse or two
You need to step back and take a break
You're not cut out to be a Real MC
Just a insulin whore
Go back to the lab and practise some more
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