Track #9 Extraordinary lyrics



[Verse 1:YourFavouriteHonky]
I'm not just some average rapper with Average Talent
In fact, I’m far from it; extraordinary is more my style
If you don't believe me, well then it's your funeral
’Cause I'll leave you in the dust without a second glance
So how about you grab your pen and we can dance
Better avoid all these flames thats spitting from my mouth
I'm the best rapper in this goddamn group little game, no doubt about that
You can ask anyone and they'll tell you the same
I've got skills on the mic and I know how to use them

[Verse 2:YourFavouriteHonky]
My rhymes are so tight, they could squeeze water out of a rock
Just when you thought the spaghetti man was done
He comes back with a diss that's ten times dumber
You're the only one who thinks your rhymes are clever
While everyone else is embarrassed by what you say and do
f*ckin bald bast*rd trying to rap battle me
You beaten me?
That's f*cking fallacy too
The only thing you’ve ever been good for is picking up your own f*ckin’ sh*t
Or getting hit by my fist
Full of rhymes 'cause there a reason to be writing this
As all you can do in this battle is take a p*ss
I’ll be sitting here waiting for your response
But I guess I might as well go off coms with how long it'll take you
Motherf*cker I ain't playing with the sh*t I'm saying
While your little t-shirt business is never paying
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