Track #10 Ashton Response lyrics



[Verse 1:YourFavouriteHonky]
Yo Ashton Draco, you think you're such a big shot
But you're really just a wannabe hustler on the block
You claim you're a king, but you're a little too c*cky
You're nothing but a fraud, it's time to face reality
You can try to rap but it's all just a joke
Your lyrics are absolute trash, there's no way you can cope
Your flow is slow and your rhymes are weak
You're just an amateur, you'll never make it to the peak

You can't rap for sh*t
It's like you have a stick up your ass and you can't spit
Your flow is weak, your raps are lame, your rhymes all sound the same
Your bars are corny and your rhymes are trash
It's like you're going through a garbagе can to find your ideas
You think you're hot but you're not, you'vе got nothing to show, you're just a washed up rapper that nobody knows

Why do you think your an MC when you look like an elephant?
Ashton Draco, you fat f*cker, you need to cut down on the food fat boy
You ain't a rapper, you just a big fake
Your rhymes are so bad, they're gonna put you in an asylum
With how crazy you are rapping against me
You can't rap, you just talk a lot of trash
Your lines are so weak, it's like you're taking a nap
You're so fat, you don't even fit in your chair
Your lyrics are weak, no wonder nobody cares
You ain't got no flow, you ain't got no style
You ain't got no skill, you ain't got no class
You can't rap for real, your lyrics are wack
You're just a big fat joke, you need to step back
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