Track #11 Facts lyrics



[Verse 1:YourFavouriteHonky]
It's the whiteboy comin' at ya
With a fiery flow that'll leave Ashton Draco in a daze
I'm sick of his crap and not gonna take it
We're gonna lay down a beat and make him regret it
He thinks he's hot stuff, but he's just a joke
With his fake rhymes and his wack flow
But I'm the real deal, and we're here to reign
I'm gonna drop some bars and make Ashton feel the pain
He's just a poser, tryna act all cool
But I'm the king of the game, and he's just a fool
So Ashton, listen up, you better take heed
Cause YourFavouriteHonkys hеre to succeed
I'm gonna crush you and leave you in thе dust
With my sick rhymes and our killer flow, you can't compete with me
So step aside, Ashton, and let the pros handle this
This white Honky can go off like a missile, b*tch
Your ass could never do It like I do it
I suggest you don't even try it you look stupid
Just give up now
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