Track #13 You Ain’t No Real Rapper lyrics



(Verse 1)
Yo, what's up with Ashton Draco? He's a chunky monkey, ain't even got no flow
He's just a fatter version of big the cat tryna spit some rhymes
But all he spits out is garbage every time

(Verse 2)
And let's talk about his appearance, what a mess
He's a fatty f*cking freak, with a face like a blobfish
Even MGK could spit better, and he ain't no saint
Draco can't even stand up to his own parents He's a mama's boy, afraid to speak his mind He's just a puppet, controlled by those behind

(Verse 3)
You ain't no real rapper
You just ain't got the proof
And I ain't talking about no Deshaun Holton
You're a fraud, a fake, a waste of time
Step up your game or stay out of the rhyme
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