[Error 747767] lyrics



[Verse 1: YourFavouriteHonky]
Listen up y'all, I got a story to tell
'Bout a collab that's about to break the spell
DeadDogGaming and YourFavouriteHonky
Together on a track, it's gonna be so funky
But wait, hold on, what's this I hear
An album error, oh no, this sh*t ain't clear

[Verse 2: DeadDogGamingUwU]
Yeah, DeadDogGamings on the scene
My rhymes are tight but my beats are clean
Its time for a new age
DeadDogGamings up on the stage

[Verse 3: DeadDogGamingUwU]
Album error
Bouta wreak some terror
Album error
This worlds never been fairer
With no more JMC
Turning this rap up a degree

[Verse 4: YourFavouriteHonky]:
When I hop on a track, it ain't your song no more
You're the feature, but I'm the one to adore
Album error, ain't no thing
We'll make this collab sing
I ain't no rookie, I'm a seasoned vet
Got flow so cold, it's like a winter's net
I'm taking over, ain't no holding back
When it comes to this rap, I'm on the attack
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