DeadDogGaming Diss (Satirical Diss) lyrics



sh*t man,guess I'm doing this
I barely gotta try to diss this dude
(5 minutes,5 minutes)

You're just a furry-f*ckin' loser
With your cheap ass rhymes and your weak flow
You're just a washed-up has-been, yo

Pay attention meathead
You've been repeating the same sh*t you already said
But when it comes to real penmanship
I'm the one who's ahead

My penmanship is like a suicide bomber
I'll detonate your career and leave you in a coma
Just like the JFK shooter, I'll go straight for the head
You'll be left dead, in the dirt, with nothing left to shed (Except tears)

So don't even try to step to me
Cause you're just a wack-ass furry
And when it comes to real rap
You're just a pus*y

You're not a real rapper, you're just a clock
Ticking away your minutes, till your time is up
You'll be forgotten, while I'll still be on top, yup
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