Busta Rhymes

"Everybody on the Line Outside"

[Busta Rhymes]
Flipmode word bond
Flipmode coming word bond
Flipmode here word bond
Feel no fear word bond
Uh-uh-uh uh-uh
Uh-uh-uh uh-uh
1998 Hot sh*t
Hitting you off baby you do it like this Yo
Crazy maybey a n*gga look shadey
Admire the n*gga and let me shine baby
Shine my nickel 380 yo its all gravy
Never play me, follow orders you better obey me
Sisco and dance all in the discos
Crib show with alot of b*tches from here to Frisco
Yah-yay my n*gga or yippe yai yo
Met a spanish chick I think her name is santiago
The way she blow I never been blowed before
Beyond a level where I could'nt take it no more
Put it on shorty then I bounce through the backdoor
She said hold on baby come here blaze it on the floor
Now I finish with that
n*gga give me my trap
Staking whole lot of money get me before I finish my rap
Think your sh*t dont stink
Drunk crossed eyed n*gga
Walk crooked still spilling your drink
Jam on!

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]
Everybody's on the line outside
Make you feel good make you come for the ride
Going do it to my people till your're satisfied
Can't do it like this no matter how much you try
I know you want to wild out come inside
From the left to the right lets coincide
All night Flipmode coming open wide
Wave your hand up in the air until your hands get tired

Now im on charge
The party's going down at the club mirage
Rampage im still large
Coming in the door with my Flipmode Squad
VIP pass flex on the blast
Honey's in the corner yo I got to think fast
Play my game right if I want some ass
If I want to spend some cash, moet all night
Dont look at me wrong man your pokets ain't tight
I got a Rolly that'll shine all night
This is that jam that make you ballers want to fight
And all you pretty ladies just wild for the night
Put your bottles in the air from your left to your right
Its Rampage you can call me legendary
I drink alize with a little cranberry
I clear my throat
Got the flyest mink coat
I told you before yo im going for broke


[Lord Have Mercy]
Rotate the club
Locate the Love
Pulsate with the squeeze ass
Double G cans fatigue shafts
Out your league math
Jeeps crash dent like bean bags
New york city rub squishy touch and theme tags
Not a dollar to loose
Man let me hollar at you
Never head wobble with fool
Tomorrow was cruel to flock on the moon
La La bye messaging your crew
Travel at high speeds
God on the move
Pardon me duke
Nationwide thick base collide
The gritty groove, smash fifty-two
And levitate your side
Who want it?
Your back weak running like athletes
Get on it
Huh blaze the streets with no warning
Andale Andale my people move for the montary
Jack cheese collapse streets now put the john away
Put the john away, put the john away


[Outro: Busta Rhymes]
Yeah Flipmode raw deluxe hot sh*t
1998 1999 year 2000
Say what Lord Have Mercy
Say what Rampage the last n*gga
Say what Busta Rhymes the lyrical
Say what say what say what

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