Busta Rhymes

"Track 1"

[Intro: Chris Rock, ???]
[?] Extinction Level Event 2. Genesis Chapter 11, verses 1 through 9. Thousands of years before Christ, Tyrant named [?] Gilgamesh of [?] enslaved the first empire. One world language. One world religion. One world [?]. We have learned nothing (One). Make the keys to heaven a gift to the devil. Those who desire to [?] God. Illuminati who attempt to horrify us as the most perfect angel lucifer. Seek to rebirth a new world order upon the flesh, blood, and bones of all humanity. Again, towers rose skyward to challenge his divine glory, to conquer his [?] domain. As an ancient
[?], the one true lord brought them down. In 2001, three became none. Conspiracy is reality. Fear is the weapon of thine enemy
Acts of terror align told to convince the [?] to surrender to their rumors. [?] of variances melt the polar ice caps and crown the rats that walk on two legs. An incurable virus to decimate the dark. Nuclear [?] to set us aflame. Obscured by a curtain of venom from space in the name of science. Fall to your means, pray to your last choking breath. A new world order is here. Arrogance over God means annihilation.
Daddy, whats it gonna be like in 2021? Only he can save us. This is the second coming. Extinction Level Event 2

There's only 5 years left n*gga
There's only 5 years left n*gga
There's only 2 years left n*gga
There's only 1 day left n*gga
It's the end of the world, motherf*cker
sh*t, we right here, with Busta Rhymes, motherf*cker
The baddest, the biggest
He been doin' it for the longest
He been doin' for the strongest b*tch
It's the end of the world, these are the last days
This might be- This might be the last day
And lucky you, on your last day
You gon' hear the Busta Rhymes album, you lucky b*tch

[Verse 1: Busta Rhymes]
Well let's thank God (Yes), no illusions
Bless us while I greet y'all in absence of confusion
[?] of mine with thoughts of great Eleven
It gets deeper than secrets of [?]
And I if you can find it extremely hard to calculate it
[?] dude referred to himself as God, let me demonstrate it
If you don't get it at first [?]
But in the meantime, let's examine the difference in our nature
As in lovin' or hateful, patriotic or rebel
Positive or negative, or vanguard in the devil
It's been debated for years, let's acknowledge the magic
[?] breaks the jewel, [?] witness the tragic
But I'm addicted to exposing the truth, it's a habit
Since a youngin' [?] mathematics
Incorporating the signs while I give you the [?]
[?] resort the [?] drastic
I got [?] clarity over [?]
[?] cool-cool or conspiracy theorists
Some might call me crazy 'cause the time
My life seems out of order
Thus possessin' answers [?] landin' [?]
Go get your recorder 'cause even on my worst date
When I'm wasted with weight on my shoulder like
I could tell you where the Earth went
Listen to the wind so I can hear the Earth beginnin'
Universe speakin' [?] celebration of my birthday
That being said, we can stop pretendin' that I'm mental
Like all the sh*t we witnessed be happenin' coincidental
She backin' out of here when I drop the first extinction level
I was fightin' [?] demons [?] scores to settle
They put it in a movie 'cause they knew that we ain't really know
Funny how they try to tell us 22 years ago
What deeply impacted how watchin' a flick really moved me as the world was ending
Morgan Freeman was praising the movie so
Let's fast-forward to 2009 and 2012
When we left an impression on the minds of the
People makin' sure we remember if we slightly doubted
That the world was ending
That we can't really do sh*t about it, damn
Funny when I saw the flicker did amuse me too
To the point that Danny [?] the movie too
Then I questioned why are we iteratin' same plot
Should we be a little [?]
Did 2020 [?] the message I'm sending [?] now that the president is gone, how convenient, the world has ended
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