Busta Rhymes

"Track 10"

Busta Rhymes up in the place, a true [?]
Busta Rhymes up in the place, a, who could flow with me
Pistol at your nose, just to let you know
We keep coming back with more and more
Kick the rest, kick the rest

Yo, you all around n*gga?
Ayo, check

[Verse 1]
The mathematician of this rap expedition
Master the precision of the faster addiction [?] that you listen
Smash and I whip 'em, fast with the wisdom I give 'em
Fluently speaking, who would be teaching jewels like science is hitting
Look, I'm tired of kicking n*ggas hеads off
See now I'm tryna avoid from poppin' led off
I see your top and then jet off
It's timе that I set off the heat like the tropics connect the hood quicker than fire optics
I'm deeper than Michael's pockets, I'm equally microscopic
Germicidal like an ebola, if I ain't already told you, you can suck up on my [?] ([?])

(Hummm) Please feel free to join us in the smoking section 'cause want all the smoke in here!

[Verse 2]
Colder than all the polar bear weather
Know I'm chosen to clear 'em whether or not they ready
I'm stopping sh*t every
Time as I'm redefining and mastermindin' and redesigning the master architect, chemically combining genetically
S-s-see I'm readily sick to the [?]
[?] DNA in my blood incredible Hulk
And then I shock with a vault
Until [?] let El Camino supply you with supplements like Aminos
You in trouble 'cause me and Premo
Find out [?] got together, yeah she got a script for you to learn from
Everybody get off from where I shoot my sperm from
None of you n*ggas is ready if you still gassing that giddy
I make a movie out of 'em, Tyler Perry
See the style of [?] while I bury you n*ggas
And I'm whipping a Maserati and throwing brick like I'm Fetty
You know that we got it plenty
Watch the movie while you still drive a [?]
Chillin' [?] is when you be talking to me
'Cause sh*t get spooky when I smoke a Lucy
And style in Louis, then I leave n*ggas dead and [?] worse sh*t than dookey
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