Busta Rhymes

"The Woman You Love"

[Intro - Busta Rhymes]
Written entertainment
We missed you baby
Busta, bus
Turn my music
High [x3]

[Verse 1 - Ashanti]
With one up on my pride
You're never satisfied
You made me feel like I wasn't worth being by your side
I done sacrificed, all of my damn time
Giving you all mine
You see me dying inside

[Hook - Ashanti]
Trying to see
Trying to find
Trying to be
The woman you love
Tried everything
But it just don't seem like it's enough
Hey baby, tried to believe
But I'm tired of being tired
Trying to love
Trying to fight
And I'm running out of tries
You're just no good

[Verse 2 - Ashanti]
With everything that I gave
And all the love that we made
It never shoulda took place
I gave you my heart
You betrayed and I know
I should have let you go
Cause I'm back where I was before, baby

[Hook - Ashanti]

[Verse 3 - Busta Rhymes]
I know you rap with the moves I'll be making, yes
Though we go through trials and tribulations, yes
It don't matter how difficult it'll get
I love you regardless the situation
I see you drew a line all in the sand
You ain't gotta lead me, hold my hand
Every time I get up and I think about the way we feeling all
I say is damn
I know at times I really hurt your head
And I've stressed you out
And really get you fed up
I ain't never never gonna let up
Unless it makes you happy for me to shut up
But I ain't shutting up, because I really wanna give it to you
I can't replace the feeling when we get it with each other
And I ain't trying to lose you
Now what you expect me to do, let's take a trip and go to Honolulu
Come on, maybe we can spend some time together
Try to make it better girl, I choose you
But if you ain't with it and we are really done
I respect it, and baby I'm a go
But once I walk out the door, I ain't never coming back baby
Hell no

[Hook - Ashanti]

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