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Imagine all your super-stocking agent, C & F agents, distributors, retailers could receive an update regarding product availability, condition, new prices – with the tap of few buttons on your desktop. No emails, no phone-calls, no messages – just real time updates based on the geographical location could be passed on without any communication gaps

Studies suggest that people check their phones 150 times in a day. So, it would be easier for all the stakeholders in thе system to get an update within no timе. This would also minimize the efforts put in by the sales force to ensure that everybody is updated

Furthermore, it would also give the stakeholders an added advantage of pitching slow-moving products to end consumers and mitigate the undue pressure in the process. This would also help in avoiding the dumping of unwanted stocks at the end of every month, every quarter at the distributors end and develop a sustainable eco-system

Digital catalogs are the simplest solution to meet all these requirements and enhance the productivity by leaps and bounds

A digital catalog on a mobile is a huge opportunity. It can help a dealer get instant information on a product and help him check its availability in the area on the go. Description and other details about an available product can be instantly shared with a customer using a mobile and the chances of that pitch converting into sale go up manifold. Queries from customers or feedback on a product also become easier with mobile. The instant nature of mobile communication can give a dealer advantage over his competition

Mobile is the way to go and statistics by Statista suggest that ‘mobile commerce is likely to overtake e-commerce in the next few years. In fact, mobile commerce is now forecast to account for 21% of total digital commerce by 2018, up from 12% in 2014.’

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