Guè Pequeno

"QUALCOSA IN CUI CREDERE - Lo scheletro (english translation)"

Throw out your thoughts, otherwise they'll end up killing you

[Verse 1: Marracash]
I was two steps away from my downfall, two spans away from madness
Two blocks away from hell, two c*cktails away from her pus*y
Yo, two grams away from overdose
Two zeros away from that Rolls, when it came to my mind the sudden thought
That I was empty, without a goal
My heart is broken, you have a stethoscope
Did you hear that, bro? I've had hard times, when I would have prayed any God
Where I come from everything's a fraud, what if I'm a fraud myself?
Nah, there's only tense nerves and the liver
The faith that still keeps me on my feet, the skeleton
Music, you breed me and keep my soul intact
Say the word that wakes up the Golem, give a heart to the Tin man
Make the stage my church, make the lyrics my last will
Make my hand steady if and when the moment will come
And give me a voice forever and true things to say
Be my fixed point, something to die for

[Pre-hook: Marracash]
And if you don't have nothing to believe in
You won't have nothing to lose, yes, except for yourself
My certainties became ashes
I don't want the world you're trying to sell me (oh)
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