Night Of The Living Dead lyrics



We have to make them blind
So they will enjoy what we transmit
The worst fables of the centuries
In those empty screens
Building false hopes and dreams of greatness
While we're becomin' poor and small
Ready-made personalities are sold for a few cents

So sinkin' in an ocean of regardless emptiness
We are walking deads
Goin' out of time without a common sense
Dreamin' to bеcome what we used to hatе
Our popular, asphyxiating decay

They are countin' the victims from the last battles
The desperates' cemetery is becomin' bigger and bigger
So they are preparin' their stomach to eat us
Meanwhile they entertain us
I'm just wonderin' why, when it will be our turn?
Losin' houses, families
Dignity, brightness, integrity
To preserve this system
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