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"Breaking Down - Live from Detroit / 2019"

[Intro: Brian Burkheiser]
Hey, you guys have been amazing tonight
Give me a round of applause real quick
We're just a bunch of kids living the dream
I don't really know how we got here, but you motherf*ckers made it happen, so seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart
Now, this next song means more to me than probably any song we've written before
I wanna dedicate this one to my parents, to my little brother, my fiancé, my doctor
You know it's okay to struggle up here
It's okay to tell people if you ain't feeling okay sometimes, and that's what this song's about
It'd mean a hell of a lot if you would sing along
This one's called "Breaking Down"

[Chorus: Brian Burkheiser]
I think, I think too much
I'm a little bit paranoid, I think I'm breaking
Maybe it's in my blood
Got a pain that I can't avoid, I think I'm breaking down

[Verse 1: Brian Burkheiser]
Hate every single second, minute, hour every day
Person in the mirror, they won't let me feel a thing
Keep me focused on my problems, I'm addicted to the pain
Everybody’s out to get you

[Pre-Chorus: Eric Vanlerberghe]
I guess I never noticed how it came creeping in
My enemy emotion, but I can't sink or swim
I say I'm feeling hopeless, they give me medicine
They give me medicine, they give me medicine
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