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Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim served as an announcer whose comments bookend the beginning and end of this track; his words are in boldface. GG's words are in regular text.


Carnival of Excess: the great album by Mr. GG Allin.

Well, it's something that I'd wanted to do for years, and never thought would be possible to happen, because I never thought I'd find the right guys to play that type of music. And finding those guys was just, you, know, amazing. The piano, the... I mean, it's more than I'd bargained for. I'd pictured, you know, acoustically would be great. But, you know, when I hеard the whole thing, it was like... "yеah!", you know, "this is really f*ckin' amazing!"

"Carmelita" is a hit. Yeah, "Outskirts of Life" is f*ckin'.... [imitates opening guitar riff] know, it's just f*ckin'... God! And, I mean, we did those almost a year ago. So I'm really proud of it. And I love the way Paul put those guitar parts down. I guess it was Paul who did that... Bob, yeah, I can't f*cking [trails off].

And it's new, and it's fresh. The thing of it is, some are gonna like it and some aren't. Some are gonna think "oh", you know, "what the f*ck is GG...", and some will think it's just crazy. It doesn't really matter. It's what we think that counts. And I think it's a great thing, and f*ck what anyone else thinks.

The lyrics are great; the music's great. And as far as... it's still a GG Allin record. It doesn't have to all... all the records don't have to sound the same. It's good to go in a different direction. You know, I'm really proud of it, to no end. And the thing of it is, is I know when I get out, I'm gonna do another electric album. I thought the last one I did with ANTiSEEN was gonna be the last album.

We should have a record release party in Orlando!

Fabulous new GG Allin and his great songs.
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