Bloody Vans lyrics



Lyrics from Snippet

I shot my Glock and I had to grab a mic with the same hand
They told me to have a back up, I stuck to the same plan
We used to sleep in cars and go to war with the same man
You save them cheddar for rainy days, I got rain bands
And I got blood on all my white vans, damn Daniel
Lil Gary, that boy be up the road, he servin' our sample
They said that boy an animal, put the [?]
I done wear my heart all on my sleeve and I got a trick up my flannel
Sheiesty used to beat the pot, he got it off the pan handle
My dog died, I'm in shambles
Jew go way back, no anamal
I throw that glizzie off the piеr, that .40 Glock got dismantled
And if the police ask mе questions, I don't know who, Nathaniel
Throwin' shade, no cabana, [?]
Dreidel gang Jew, I'm the bunk in Nazi propaganda
She gon' eat the whole thing with the skin on the banana
I put a roof over your head, you tried to roofie my fanta
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