"Leave Me Behind"

[Intro: CG5]
Do, do, do
Do, do, do

[Verse 1: CG5]
I lost my head in the heat of the moment (Heat of the moment)
But I can't lie to you, no, never again (Lie to you)
Bring me down, baby, this is all I'm hopin' (All I'm hopin')
That what I've done to you, I will never again

[Pre-Chorus: CG5]
Do, do, do (I will never again)
Do, do, do

[Chorus: CG5]
Leave me behind (Me)
Kick me to the streets, I deserve it (I deserve it)
I deserve it
Oh, no, no
Leave me to hide (Me)
You'll be on my mind forever
So, don't you ever forget about me
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 2: CG5]
Hate me (Hate me)
Darling, whatchu waitin' for? (For)
Are you waiting for me just to hate you back? (Waiting for me)
My love never sleeps and I love you more everyday (Everyday)
Please push me away, me away
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