"Left Behind (Remix/Cover)"

[Intro: Trickywi]
Everyone, please stay in your seats
The show will start momentarily

[Verse 1: CG5]
Behold the horrors
They lurk beneath the shadows of remorse
You wouldn't know of course
But I forced a new judgment day
On this day, you will repay
Your respects to all that may
Lurk in between your mind and mankind

[Pre-Chorus: CG5]
So have a seat and be afraid
Fears about to commence the final ritual
One body is all we need for this to be complete
And when the day begins to take form
You won't be leaving those doors
You'll only live with us inside the darkness
As we tear you up inside

[Chorus: CG5 and DAGames]
I was left behind
All this torture will unwind
I was never all that kind
If you were to rewind
Then you would find
I was left behind
Take your turn to run and hide
I will catch you all the time
This night no longer shines
Your tears divine
You'll now be mine
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