"Last Faction Standing"

Verse 1:
Marauder Corps (Rockit Gaming):
Stand by, boots strapped and I'm like
Grapple up to the sky and I take flight
Marauders looking awfully scary, our tactics they vary
Coming at you like one hundred Bloody Mary's
We knock you down just to pull you back up
The original militia the definition of vicious
So watch out, look as my mech slams down
Sights locked, loaded up I got full rounds
Better remember who you're dealing with b*tches
The IMC is getting buried into ditches
There's no competition, our faction is the official religion
Of the human race and it's our only mission
I'm trying tell you that there's no onе better
This is the only thing that givеs me pleasure
Killing, chilling, that is our coalition
Listen we're driven, shooting with precision

6-4 (Fabvl):
Bang, are grenade to your membrane
6-4 we the best in the game
Other factions lame, blowing out their brains with our titans
All around the map, multi-kills when we fighting
We elite pilots, looking for some violence
Ain't about the money, we just do it for the righteous
You already know that Gates is our commander
We kill the competition, so they really can't stand her
Every single match know we going on a kill streak
Records that we smashing won't stop till they complete
Enemies running but can't hide
Grapple hook to the sky as we fly on by
Yea, no matter what the titan
Boots on the ground while the pilots fighting
Better duck your head when we go to sight in
Ain't no other squad to devote your life in like ah
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