Vox’s Interlude lyrics



[Verse: DAGames]
You know that I know, you hear me so
I exist around all you do
Though I doubt that this hits you as the most shocking of blows
This reminder I bring to you
That no matter the trade, there's no hope of escape
From the toll that I'm sure you'll rue
Auf wiedersehen - you lost the game of life!

As you wander through Hell, the facade that you sell
Bears a cross to the test of time
It's a real motherf*cker that you decide to rebel
As if we can't see the dеad of night
There are millions of ways to rеmember the days
But they all end in sacrifice
Don't be afraid, this is the afterlife


This is the afterlife

[Spoken: DAGames]
You thought this was Hell?
Oh ho ho, you have no idea

(Right, you're in for it now)

This is the afterlife
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