"Got Nothing Left (prod. pink)"

And I’ve been feeling hollow like I got nothing left
Feels like the air was taken right from my chest
And I feel tired
I feel retired
I feel undesired
I feel, tired
Got nothing
Only sunken
A dysfunction

I feel worthless
I feel wordless
This is a surplus
My heart is empty with no remedy
No identity
No entity
Don’t know what’s wrong mentally

And I’ve been feeling shallow like I got nothing left
So don’t be surprised if you find me at the gallows
Something dark is in my mind maybe it’s my shadows
Love, ego, and my self I think had those
I feel tired
I feel retired
I feel undesired
I feel, tired
Of this life
Is it a lie
I’m ready to die
So why try
I’m done
Had my fun
I’m none
Had my run
What a joke
Just a folk

Pain is necessary
Gain in a cemetery
Rain is temporary
The memory of pain we remember very
Shackled problems
Broken columns
Rather not change and remain solemn
Everything’s broken
Gose unspoken
Can't feel the emotion so I stay frozen
Drown in the ocean
Down without motion
No one for me to open so I stay broken
I’m I obsessed
Or a guest
I got nothing left

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