Joyner Lucas

"Until I die"

I'm too much for these haters, and 3 much for these hoes
When you make it, they they talk behind your back
And thats just how this sh*t goes
And I don’t know why, I don't know why

{Joyner Lucas]:
Take a look at the bright side I wanna say
I ain't in my right mind I’m on the way;
To the end of the road and you wanna walk away
And now I'm just a victim of criticism and all the pain is built and I been affected
I'm finished with the drama days
f*ck a birthday or Christmas, I hate the holidays
I f*ck a pregnant b*tch in a second until her water break
I need a water break up to hydrate and pray to god I don't get violated
My [?] to Charlamagne
Took a p*ss in my seed and took his wallet and car keys and his pocket change and I'm prolly gon' find a way
I've taken a lot of things, a drug dealer, pimp with a lot of rings
Much better than I was raised, my b*tches ain't got no braids, my n*ggas is not afraid and this is why I’m amazed and b*tch you ain’t got a taste [?]
Like I'ma just put the bill, like I’ma just keep it real
My uncle's a crack addict, my aunty's a half cracker
My grandma's a mad black, you should see what the crack-mattic
Had nothing to mathematics so listen to trap addicts
And n*ggas a cat daddy
But I got a black caddy
And step on the engine and run all over you fags, catch me I’m openin' bags
And drinking that mad henny and mix it to 2020 my vision is muddy, f*ck it I'm murdering n*ggas, pump it with bourbon, these b*tches love it

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