Joyner Lucas

"Forever (Remix)"

I know you can't hear my words but you will eventually
And when you do I pray you don't hold this sh*t against me

Hope you know I love you more than life itself
And these are just my thoughts cuz I been feeling empty

[Verse 1]
Everything ain't always what it seem like on the outside
I fought so many tears so that you'd never see the outcry

Cuz you so blind in love I don't want you to see my downsides
So focused on the details you can't see the outline

Can't confess this to you for the sake of my pride
Say Im still important but Im feeling downsized
You moved on quick thats what I heard along the pipe line
Went from my crib to his you traveling the pipe line

Stayed near you instead of a cheap home down in the south side
Now Im just a shadow to a dude to whom he outshines

Was this our full potential or am I a bonsai
Hella low when Im at home thats called my downtime
Outdoors on the floor on my back I lie I
Can't do nothin but sit here and watch the magpies
Spread their ocean colored bridges as they fly high
Fly into the stars man I wish I was that high

Need another pair of glasses for my mind's eye
Now Im a big f*cking mess just like a tie dye

Feels weird to not have you to share the wifi
Suffer silent saying nothing like a wise guy
Pools of honey thats what I would call your brown eyes
You'd come over sad as hell, we'd talk about life
Hallow hearts because you used to occupy mine
How could you forget those times and how I...mxm

Thought I was cool but I can't help but ramble on
But as your friend you're happy so I act along
Breaking down at work Eric come back c'mon
Sobbing as I cook man all my passions gone

Christmas day we got a room and had a spa
Rub you with oil, watch a movie, it was bomb
Dropped a hundred just on food we got it on
Now I'm wandering the city as I sing this song

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