Angel In Me lyrics


Richard O’Brien

If I should call you an angel
It's because I think you're divine
But you must make sure that you don't change at all
Or I just might change my mind

I've loved many a woman and left many a man
Between the Devil and the deep blue sea
But you've got something I don't understand
And it brings out the angel in me

For many days and many nights
I've loved the thought of you
Through many years, too many tears
You know I've sought for you

You gave this iron fist a velvet glove
And when we kissed, that's when I, I fell in love

Maybe I'm the Dеvil, but this time I'm on the levеl
'Cause you bring out the angel in me

I called it fun, like hit and run
A game of peekaboo
I'd climb inside my Mr Hyde
And come and seek for you
Oh, I've been insane with pain and jealousy
But now I'll change all that, just wait and see

Maybe I'm a demon, or maybe I'm just dreamin'
But you bring out the angel in me

Oh yes you do (Oh angel)
Yes, you know it's true (Angel in me)

Angel in me

Angel in me
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