"BET Uncut"

[Intro: MadeinTYO]
(K Swisha on the track)
Ha, ha, ooh, ooh, ha
Skrrt, skrrt

[Verse 1: MadeinTYO]
Pull up on your shawty like, "What's your name?" (Ooh)
Catch me at your crib playin' pootie tang (Skrrt)
Hit it out the park, that's a home run (Hot)
BET: Uncut, she a thick one, uh
We don't blur it out, talk that sh*t, get carried out (Bah, bah)
New Gucci shoes, lil' boyfriend wear it out (Skrrt)
She ask me my location, bih, in your mouth, uh
If you beef with us, what you tryna eat with us? (Skrrt)
This a K Swisha beat, turn your speakers up, uh (Ooh)
Doin' good, shawty, baby, can you keep it up?
Can you keep it up? Shawty, can you keep it up? (Ooh)
You doin' good, shawty, baby, can you keep it up? (Skrrt, skrrt)
Yeah, I'm a mastermind, yeah, I'm rockin' Mastermind, uh (Sauce)
Bag Number (N)ine, yeah, you know my bih fine (Ooh)
I'm in Lennox for a minute, groupies on my line, uh (Hello?)
Last time I checked, bih, I ain't got time, uh
New suit, bluetooth, shе either bad or fine, uh (Ooh)
Givе me head, give me head, yeah, I love some mind, uh (Wait, wait)
Come on, shawty, okay, yeah, smokin' porcupine, uh
Hop up in the coupe, yeah, your sister bad too, uh (Skrrt)
Bag of drugs, okay, yeah, just bubble, uh (Skrrt, skrrt)
My ratio's eighty-five, keepin' up too, uh (Sauce)
Know Dallas always live, Houston T'd up, uh (Ooh)
New York smokin' fire, Atlanta beefin' up, uh (Ooh)
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