Gone Away (Apple Music Home Session) lyrics


Qing Madi

No, no
No, yeah

[Verse 1]
Say, why I'm lookin' that way
You ain't do nothin' wrong
I'm wildin'
It's five and I waited all last night
Said you got too high and I'm tired

Do you want me to give you honesty?
Said you wanted every piece of me
You don't wanna hear me out tonight
I'll just turn around and say goodnight, oh, I

You've gone away
You don't listen
You promised it wouldn't change
It'd stay the same
But it's different
We were much happier when (Yeah)
It was always happy endings
We were much happier when, oh
It was always happy endings, oh, no
You have the right to feel a way
I ain't tryna change you
I'm just scared you've gonе away
Promised it would stay the same, no
Samе, same, same, no
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