"End of the Freak Show"

Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero
This is the end of a freak show
Freak show

[Intro: ANOHNI, CocoRosie]
I'm burnin', I'm burnin', I'm burnin', burning down the house (Wow Oh)

Brooke Candy (Hahahaha)
Big Freedia (Hahahaha)
Cakes da Killa (Motherf*cker)

Dead girl, dead girl, dead girl, dead girl

[Verse 1: Brooke Candy]
D-dead girl walking
Just the sight of her is shocking
Wear your heart out like a locket
Keep a pistol in my pocket, woah
Burnin', don't put me out
Screaming until you hear me now
I’m yelling it, yelling it, yelling it loud
Turning it up 'til I'm burning it down

[Verse 2: CocoRosie]
Uh, I bet you're hurt
I switch it, twitch it 'round the world
Like breadcrumbs, dead girl out the urn
I'm six feet underneath the worms
sh*t, the dead return
It's scary when the table turns
A lesson I don't wanna learn
Damn, what a lovely way to burn
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