Come On, Let’s Party lyrics


Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five


We're gonna mingle with the girls and the guys
We're gonna dance until our nature starts to rise
We're gonna boogie on down 'til the lights come on
We're gonna party 'til the break of dawn

So if you're gonna hang out (Come on in!)
And if you're gonna come in (Get on down)
If you're gonna get down (You might as well shout)
Well if you [?] rock (Get on up)
Then stay on [?]

Come on, come on, come on

My name's Melle Mel and I'm gonna make you shake
Just like a earthquake!
And now, Mr. Ness the real Scorpio for those who didn't know
I'm Raheim, in all the ladies dreams
Make you scream, come on girl!
And I'm Keith Cowboy to make all the young ladies jump for joy
Haha, two for one, twice the fun, Kid Creole, gonna be number one
This here's from Flash to the band, hit it band!
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