Abra Cadabra

"Remember Me? (2019)"

[Intro: ?, World Boss Comedy, ?, Abra Cadabra]
Hey Abra
We've missed you
Where have you been?
Let me know 'cause I'm trying to find out too
'Cause you've been a bit quitet on the scene
But I'm sure you're gonna come out with something different
Ah bumbaclart Abra Cadabra, weh ah deh?
Uh? Weh ah deh?
Mi ah look fi some, weh ah bumbaclart deh?

Yo Abs, weh ah deh?
Everybody as for you bredrin
Seh deh people want some new music rudeboy
Weh ah deh fam?

Sho', sho', sho', you know
AB in the building, serving sh*t
All way or no way, get right or get left, we get stretched, gang
Free the drillers, 10 times, you know
Free S, free Boogie, free Daz (Gang)

[Verse: Abra Cadabra]
Take a step into my world
Let me show you that
Real block living
Gang banging everyday
Subconsciously sinning
I'm with Bandokay
Might have his rambo is twinning
Plus I got mine too you ain't winning
Don't f*ck with no flick knives
I'm pulling out rambos and burners only
He ain't your friend, when it's time to ride or turn and go sleep
Whole strip getting shot up if a n*gga ghost me
Bare full clips, they can't even hold more teeth
Where you from bro? What you screaming out?
I'm from the O, we on the front street with the ninas out
If you strapped and you see an opp, better beat it out
And if you rob a motherf*cker, make sure you clean him out
It's reality, it's the street code we living by
This the O stay packed and be prepared to say bye
Real talks, when we shooting, we ain't shooting at the sky
f*ck the peace, its gone too far, too many mothers cried
Free Cash, free Brad, free Vel, free Boogie, free Daz, free S, free the gang
Free the whole of the O
f*ck the government, they wanna lock all of my bros, or they want info
There ain't a snitch in my circle
Trust me
If there was we tie him up and take him country
Whole journey have his face stuck to the pumpy
'Bout you wan' snitch on the 'arda
Notion funky
They say B where my comeback now
n*ggas thought I'm deadweight til I come back round
Hand on my heart, since I ain't be round
Your main tings been asking when my new sh*t out
Don't watch how I'm standing on the front street, now
Music still making me thousands of pounds
I just laid back and let the kids play out
Now the big dargs out, best stay in your house
I been in the streets I'm with my brothers
I know their eyes are all on me
I'm just tryna bust and bring all my G's
Tryna spill juice all over for me
How you screaming gang and but you won't ride for your G's?
Me I do a sentence take a life for my G's
Lord knows I always got time for my G's
Draw blood with my bro no intention to squeeze

[Outro: Abra Cadabra]
Gang way, know
That's how I'm coming, are you listening?
They wanna know where I've been
I've been in the streets
Free the gang
Free Tugga, free Brad, free the gang
Back, back, back like I never left

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