Pink lyrics


Jann Arden

Bottom lip inner peony
Consenting Japanese orchid
Bone corset of flying
Queen bee, pink tule her tule
Hot pink, cool pink, mother pink
Pick up her hand pink

Equal pay, seize the day
Have it your way, paint your space
Scrub your face pink, it's a boy pink
Feel your blush, ignore his hush
White-hot femme bot pink

White-hot femme bot pink
Withdraw cat claw pink
Paint pink sing pink
Remove the sting pink
Jump off the swing pink
Buy your own ring pink

Scream pink, dream pink
Eat ice cream pink
Outer wrapper, inner rapper
Double X marks the spot pink

Traffic cop, bobble shop, hawk a mop
Just climb on top pink
Shock more shameless
I commit to words legit pink
Pink shield, pink yield
Lest we forget suffragette
Strong female pink
Amp up, lay soft
Lay soft
I'm still pink
Yeah, I'm still pink
Oh, I'm still pink
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