Yak Gotti

"Free The Goat"

[Intro: Lil Wayne & Yak Gotti]
Hoodrich Keem? Yeah, I'm thinkin' 'bout signin' that guy
48 hours a day you know what I mean?
You gon' climb again

[Chorus: Yak Gotti]
And I'm wit' God
Racks in my pocket look like football studs (studs)
Don't f*ck wit these n*ggas cause they facade (Slatt)
Ridin wit' Lil Duke and I took the charge (Lil Duke)
I was first in life and I beat the odds
I just came back and they like shawty you hard (Blatt)
I got a big body in the garage
What's in the base down lil' n*gga I store it (n*gga I store it)
Free the Goat (Free the goat)
YSL holster like billy goats (Billy Goats)
See what that mouth do I'm in your throat (Ouu)
I got some real ones that's down the road (Brim)
Yeah she a stain she drive the boat (Swear)
What's in my back that's a Cali Coke (Yeah)
Lil Slime got more bodies than I would know (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
Won't leak information cause' I don't know

[Verse 1: Yak Gotti]
Red light, Green light, Yellow Light, Go!
Sak pasé? That's for all my zoes
Locked up the cell I couldn't figure out the code
Lil b*tch I'm dripping like I'm macro mode
Control the hoe without remote control
Everywhere I go, I'm getting paid for the show
Trust issues, I can't put faith in a hoe
Had to bathe wit' the bleach, then I bathe wit' the soap
And I ain't wit the playing, keep a K's in a coat
Imma wipe a n*gga nose like he playing wit' the coat
They don't want no smoke, cause' there's too much to tote
20 racks, all hunnids' and they blue like a loc
Piru so I'm screaming suwoo to the bros
YSL play wit' slatt give you food to the bros
And I'm wit Shad da god
You know that we hard, you know we live large
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