Zombina And The Skeletones

"The Stakeout"

Those chariots of black and white
Flashing all my front path awash with blue light
And I know that I might owe my life
To these chivalrous and buff everyday knights

I feel so safe
Now the inspector's men have sealed off the place
Cause now I know no one's getting in
No one's getting out

(Remember if you should need anything just shout!)

Meanwhile Captain Kapinsky sits
Somewhere dimly lit, his finger flips a switch
Pushes a button, turns a dial
Disconnecting, reconnecting all the wires

Hero of the day
Protecting me from so far away
But yet the phone is ringing again
I lift the receiver
And hear something I did not want to hear...

Through the clouds of static interference
I hear you now, all sexy and threatening
I brace myself

"Tell me somebody's tracing the call!"

The lights go out
The line goes dead
And someone shouts...

"The calls are coming from inside the house!"

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