Zombina And The Skeletones


Let's talk about this business
Of going back in time
OI can't be a witness
If you do it in your mind

"What's in the basket?"
Joe, my komodo dragon
"That's a fine looking reptile!"
Oh, yeah! Tell me about it!

My brother flushed an alligator
Arise crocodile from the sewer slime

It's all lies of the inside kind
How do you sleep at night
(We don't want to know)
May I remind you who un-spined you?
Ain't I been nice?

I wanna ask you
"Do you think I'm doing my best?"
I'm not really trying
Just kinda loving up a mild sweat

After all the wonderful things that you done me
It's a wonder I ain't flushed you yet

You'll make some lucky kid a good pet one day
As long as you behave yourself...
You won't get flushed away

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