Zombina And The Skeletones

"Vincent Price"

My Mother and Father were rather mean
They Beat me everyday
I got tired of discipline
So I had to run away
Took a bus (took a bus)
Down to Hollywood's world renowned plastic surgeon
Paid a man to stick a knife in my face
Make me look like Vincent Price
I met a man who told me
If I learn to do the voice
He could get me plenty work
As a Vincent look-a-like

When I die, bury me
In a coffin that's fur lined
[Line it up [?] baby]
Black suit and a pencil mustache
Just like Vincent Price

Did you see that movie
That was shot in black and white
Except for the blood
That had all been colored right
How did they do that
I mean don't you think it's weird
Hold that thought a second
My agents calling me
It's a birthday party
They don't want a clown
They want

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