2 HANDS 2 EYES 10 WHIPS lyrics



[Part I]

[Verse 1: Draft Day]
Catch us in and out, we movin' ten, these n*ggas don’t stand on business (Brrt)
Ready for war right now, out the crib, I ain't playin' ’bout mine, put it all on the unit ('Crete)
Movin' in silence, don't talk, rather do it
Countin' these racks, gettin' fly, rockin' junior
Want a b*tch, yeah, suck my c*ck like junior
I can see that runnin' image (See that sh*t)
Cross me once, it’s up, you finished
They gon’ show they true intent (Hey)
All my members gon' represent (Slatt)
Showin’ out, gon' throw my set (Yeah-yeah)
If we say it's up, then it's stuck then (It’s stuck then)
Know they scarеd, they bluffin' (Know they bluffin')
Watch me stand on all tеn (b*tch, on all ten)
n*gga, this sh*t no pressure

[Verse 2: Camo!]
Hundreds keep stickin' together, a b*tch I need, I ain't met her
My old b*tch wanted to live in my skin, I had to motherf*ckin' shed her (Go)
Big F.N., I left it at home, today I'ma tote the Berretta
Redbone b*tch on my di*k, I treat her like my soda, I'm makin' her redder
Yeah, the Hellcat is geeked, G-Wagon sh*t on the Jeep (Phew)
Part two playin' for keeps, my diamonds white like bleach
We rock the sand to the beach, none of them whips is a lease
Open your legs, let me breach (Yeah), I brought the pill in two pieces
I'm standin' outside like recess, my Cartier frames like Reese's
My brother keep turnin' his water to wock, I'm startin' to think his name on Jesus (Hee)
My rear views look like the Pistons (Bee), I keep doin' that sh*t that you wishin'
Got this rub on my neck like religion, when we walk in, they stand, attention
[Verse 3: Lil Yachty]
I've been sendin' bad b*tches to college (Mmm-hmm)
I'ma dress the person faced (Mmm-hmm)
I've been mixin' the drink like baristas (Mmm-hmm)
Put her hair to my legs, like Bautista (Damn)
Yeah, they suckin' online
But see me in person and tell me "It's real nice to meet you" (Go)
My b*tch really ain't got no ass
But look in the mirror, it's top ten features
I can't hang with these n*ggas
They don't be havin' many goals, like a game of FIFA
I'll f*ck on a b*tch like Ari' (Okay), I'll f*ck on a b*tch like Aretha (Okay)
Most y'all n*ggas ain't never been knew
Where I bring up some frogs, y'all bring up computers
I send [?] for all of my shooters, in the court (Phew)

[Chorus: Lil Yachty]
Two hands, two eyes, ten whips (Phew)
Two hands, two eyes, ten whips (Phew)
Two hands, two eyes, ten whips (Phew)
Two hands, two eyes, ten whips (Phew)
Two hands, two eyes, yeah, okay
Said I got two hands, two eyes, ten whips (Yeah)
Two hands, two eyes

[Part II]
Double seat, double mute (Mmm-hmm), penthouse with a view
Rappin' like the rent due, leave a n*gga balls blue (Yeah)
It's Boo (Not the—), and Drafty
I don't even know a n*gga for sh*t, b*tch, I'm crafty

[Verse 1: Draft Day]
Sack pusher, yeah, baby, I'm a heartbreaker
All that rap cap sound good, but they pump fakin'
Risk takin', where it's at? know your spot got took
Broke her back, she leavin' shook, in that water, I'm her bae
Realer, man, I hug the hate, by the 'Crete house when I play
I can't waste no time, I'm chasin' these millions, lil' b*tch, you want me to stay
Why the brokest n*gga in the room with no motion got the most to say?
Always scream what you finna go do, poppin' outside but no one know you

I spot some broke b*tches, I smell the perfume
I really hurt b*tches, I really hurt dudes
I f*ck a sack up, I f*ck up Pro Tools
I never had stuff, I used to break rules
She buyin' swag and ain't pay homage, but it's past due
Don't put your hands on my neck, then put glass on it
n*gga called my phone up 'bout some thirties, almost passed on it
Rollin' off a X, touched my tongue, I almost gagged from it
[Interlude: DC2Trill]
You know what I'm sayin'?
Concrete business
n*ggas ain't is what we is
n*gga, don't bleed where you bleed, you know what I'm sayin'?
Think you the biggest 'til you come to a different league
You know what I'm sayin'?
Drink, baby, sh*t
Concrete sh*t

[Verse 3: DC2Trill]
All of us on four-lifers, your b*tch is a one-nighter
I take me a piña Fanta, made that b*tch look like swiper
I could take the cash flow, build her up like Hasbro's
Get the shooters feet wet, camp out his house like Laslo
I decline plenty features, I don't want parts in it
She on the X, she showin' her sex pill, I never heart the sh*t
This ain't no video, I'm sparkin' sh*t, my cup filled up with darkness
Damn, another wire just hit, already pilin', just addin' it
I take a dub and just add to the kit
Postin' the gang got you mad at the b*tch
Droppin' a tape and just add to the misses
Two hands, two eyes, and two bad b*tches
One call, Four Seasons, six hoes with me
One million, two pints of wock, no tris
Came with the gang, tryna duck, cut did it
Anything change, I'm on Concrete business
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