[Verse 1: Lil Yachty]
Somehow these folks think this sh*t easy
Yes, I make it look that good, I'm sippin' wock, not Fiji
All my b*tches needy, all my b*tches need me
Bought one of them Birkin's, got the other Speedy's
The other one, for her birthday, rented out a TV
She said if you down, then I'm down, n*gga, you not leavin' me
Down b*tch, for sure, I f*ck a white b*tch in a day
But I only have a baby with a brown one, that's for sure
I've been mixin' syrups, like I'm tryna kill bronchitis
On my fourth cup, I got to 'itis
All these sticks, baby boy, we the new Al-Qaeda
di*kin' down a ho' from Onyx
Yeah, geekin', I can barely speak, it sound like I been hooked on phonics
Ooh, I'm in love with sonics
Three much lovе from my gang
I'm in love with the fact I made it through thе pain
I'm in love with the fact I'm not a stain
She in love with the fact I'm not her ex
n*ggas was not around when I was strugglin' with Dex
Tryna apply the move, what's next?

[Verse 2: KARRAHBOOO, (Camo!) ]
Jumpin' out the Lex'
Get out my shoes, the size bigger, just for b*tches necks
I look at these hoes like pets
Look at these n*ggas like a dollar, I finesse them so bad
Probably thought I ain't have no father, need to get off your ass
Get off my di*k and go get scholars, 'cause this rappin' ain't for you
Neither is flippin' a brick and neither go and flip food
Forget the first name, you b*tches need to remember "Not the two"
Us (Brrr)
[Verse 3: Camo!]
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, I turned up all my crew
'Crete made a million and recouped, I promise that's not new
Every Maybach new
Way before we had the light, I promise Boat still knew (What else?)
Every show price grew (Facts)
Broke baby daddy gang, should've tied yo' tubes (Facts)
n*gga, have some shame (Yeah) This sh*t on yo' name
Any rap n*gga, go against the gang (It's 'Crete)
We gon' put some stars in the ground, make a walk of fame
Girl don't be ashamed you f*cked me and my homie, promise we is just the same (Twin)
You is not no ho (Nah)
If you knew what I know (What?)
I can't let you hold me down, I'm goin' up
I told her "Let me go"
Bought her Prada bags, she gave me top, we went blow for blow
(I'm blowin' her hunnids she blowin' me, know what I'm sayin?)
Concrete Boys front row, f*ck it, front and center
Steppin' on whatever, pus*y, let me know

[Verse 4: Draft Day]
Many n*ggas left the earth, not many left a mark
I'll die for mine, I was in the dark
Like Bane, I'm tryna make it spark
Not only for me, this sh*t big, can't you see?
Open yo' eyes, I'm out yo' league
The block gettin' hot, five hundred degrees
Ready for war, seen blood on the leaves
So many carats in my ear, n*ggas ain't talkin' bout sh*t that I need
She want me to trick, then plant my seed
Can't play with you b*tches, got mouths to feed
Married to the money, guarantee
All the finer things, treat me like a God, but don't lie to me
Obviously it's time for me, the clock keep tickin', I'm bound to be
They sparin' none of you n*ggas or b*tches
This sh*t get wicked, my minds a G
A hunnid percent Concrete, all my n*ggas'll die for me
Grammy family and they know it's us, tryna get that nominee
[Verse 5: Dc2Trill]
Got the green thumbs, bouta plant these Scotty seeds and let 'em grow
Thought it means some, done got the neck out and forgot the ho
Give her 'bout a hour, she sold the power, she done took a test
He ain't want the funk, why keep claimin' sh*t? There was too much pressure
Walked up in the store three hours ago, sh*t I'm still in it
sh*t can't be that real, made to many reals, all them folks up in yo' business
Date we had was sold, dog, crack me a seal, was so appealing
I done became me a master, done run it up faster, but leave it, the first one witness
All I did was stay down
All you had to do was stay
I don't got no piles with me, 'less that sh*t begin with pape'
Oh, yo, reup on the late, forgot that b*tch was on the way
How many times I told you we next? What if I told you we started today

[Outro: Dc2Trill, Lil Yachty]
It's us
Know I'm bound to die for mine
Know I'm—
Know I'm bound to die for mine
Know the way it goes
Keep your head high, stay ten toes
Bound to die for mine
I'm bound to die for mine
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