Paigey Cakey


I need you to roll up
I wanna get high with you
I love when you show love
Got me thinking all the things I could do
Don’t need to plan it (planet)
Coz your my solar
I got that good kush
We about to roll up

[Verse 1]
4 in the morning and it’s a Tuesday
Acting like you ain’t got work excuse me
We been up rolling round in the duvet
Looking like when you gone hit that doobie
Sex so good that you missed work
Iced out cah you do the wrist work
How you got em thinking your my Mister
Good loving really tells you that I missed ya
You got that mm good head be the BOMB
I ain’t even gonna stunt double 00 steeze
In a BM but I met him in the Bentley
Iced out wrist watch еverything Fendi (yh)

[Bridge 1]
Everything Fеndi
Life is good everything Fendi
Put the kush in the wrap
Don't try temp me
I don't need nobody else but my sensi
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