"Wild (feat. Slade)"

[Intro: Aries]
Uh, wild
Uh, wild

[Verse 1: Slade]
I don't spit about the top because I know I'm not there
Motherf*cker give me time I'll be sitting in my chair
Put the money all around my feet on my desk
You can not contest
Taking down the world from the east to the
Try to slow me down b*tch I'm on a quest
And know I won't lay down or get any rest
Even on top when I know I'm the best, yes
I can see it now a slip in the [?]
So let's get rich and make it happen
We'll be chillin' with Hillary up in Cedar Rapids
And you know I got the talent I drop to back in
Got a vision that's money and I see it stackin'
All my homies in my house just bumpin' the track and oh yes

[Verse 2: Aries]
Get it back water and ice
Attacking the mic with no regrets I've been a beast
Eyes never low make gainz like Bowflex
But no flex, enter my zone I've been a free
For the first time we climbing up
The meddling kids are peddling this rhyming stuff
Pulling it together then we line them up
Shine bright like a diamond the Midas touch
Outta my mind the cosign man it's our time
Gripping the nan in my left hand the best man
Ripping this sh*t since twelve could you guess that
I would never find out what I'm actually best at
The next act up, don't wanna rap up
Make a pen bleed all over the pad that's us
Back for the f*cks and nobody gets any
Last of the rhyme but I still got plenty

[Verse 3: Slade]
Yes, and I said it
I don't need no map cause I know where I'm headed
Running into this game cause I'm so athletic
Lyricism so hard your gonna need that medic
[Lyrics from: https:/]
There's a book called, 'Glitch,' but I already read it
Matter fact I wrote that b*tch give me credit
Writing this sh*t you could call me poetic
Critics try shutting me down I won't let it
Consume all my work and pride till I said it
[?] and abide by this path I presented
The talk up here down so I wented contented
That I've been so driven just know that I've meant it okay?
I really do mean it
I'm thinking and working through all of the day
Grinding and fighting so watch us create
I'm taking this down so remember my name

[Verse 4: Aries]
Uh, back again attacking the pen with my little rapping friend
The flow magic I'm taking lines with no breath
Fluid I'm the one to do it the best
Loving it now
Snatching a sample and Slade might just pass it around
Bumping to keep it live we don't let it drown
Literally stretching the sound
Yeah there's CPR we two hybrids
Then migrate to your eyelids mic when I bite this
On the track while I write this
If you are feeling what I feel don't fight it
Taking the world, up on the plane, eating my cinnamon swirls
Flipping a coin but going for heads
Flame to the mic and I'm leaving them dead
Sh*t outta luck but I don't need that
I proceed, then I tell my whole team that
We Chapter 9 and we dedicated
Some nice and clean and some medicated
That's right
Leaving a footprint
The good kid all up in the sky the woodlands
I pushed it
Belly of the beast and you would fit
A local going global my foot nip

[Outro: Aries]
Uh, wild
Uh, wild

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