Bill Medley

"Cryin’ Blues"

[Verse 1]
I woke up this morning
Tears, tears all in my eyes
Hey, hey
Yes, I woke up this morning, girl
Tears filled my eyes
It's such a lovely day
No one, no one knows how much I cry

[Verse 3]
I walked on by
Couldn't find a place to stay
Woah, I walked on by
Happy guitar
I couldn't find a place to rest my head
You heard what I said
But if I come back, baby
I believe that lots of things
Lots of things are gonna be done exactly the way you want 'em
Here comes Willy with a little sing along song

Cry, cry, cry
I keep on crying
I wanna know, I wanna know how much
How much can a poor boy cry
Woah, I keep on crying
Lord, I wanna know how much can a poor man
Won't you tell me right now?
Hey, hey, don't laugh at me, woman
'Cause I'm a natural born lover man
And that has made me a very busy man
Hey, hey
I have things to do
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