Injury Reserve


[Chorus: Tony Velour]
Thought I was finished?
(Nah) Nah, n*gga I just need a minute
Heard you loud and clear but I ain't listen
Can't stop me now I'm on a mission
Thought I was finished? (Thought I was finished?)
Nah, I just need a minute (I just need a minute)
Heard you loud but I ain't listen (f*ck)
Can't stop me now I'm on a mission

[Verse 1: Tony Velour]
Damn, head bop
Girl go shake your ass this ain't no TED Talk
Your n*gga, he a dweeb, yeah he a [?]
Speak on my name now he a red dot (Woo-woo)
Smooth criminal
Slide up in this b*tch, I might just [?] (In this b*tch, I might just)
Please don't come by me, your energy off

[Verse 2: Ritchie with a T]
Damn, step back
Talkin' all that sh*t don't make your breath [?]
Talkin' in them circles get your head whacked
You gon' talk your head off
I swear to God—, I—, this a TED Talk
Just get me [?]
Don't you see me try to еat? Man, get your hands off
Let me gеt that number 3 but with the red sauce
God—, goddamn
Pat that
"What you practice, what you preach" I heard you said that
Oh, you got bring out where you eat why where your bread at?
Why where them kitties sleep and lay they head at
Ugh, man, you gon' regret that
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