Hoax lyrics


The Infested

Referendum, smoke and mirrors, no decisions met
Around in circles, it continues, no rules still are set
We will run to the ballot station, and think that we'll be heard
But the decision was set in stone, this voting sh*t's absurd

I sense that this is all a hoax
An insult to those who cannot vote
The result wasn't what I'd hoped
A hoax

There's no denying that these folks are lying, our democracy is a lie
There's no denying that they are conspiring, we'll queue nice and neatly in line

Rocking the boat, igniting hatred, abuse on our streets
Negotiations, that go nowhere, the terms you'll never reach
All this just to pull the wool, over our lazy eyes
But the truth is we are powerless, I see through the disguise

We'll queue nice and neatly, whilst you keep deceiving, we'll be in the line for next time
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