Shackles, Pt. 2 lyrics


The Infested

Drinking to excess, throwing up in my bed
Waking up so ashamed, couldn't stomach the pain
Working extra hours, like a coward
It spiraled out of control
Looking like sh*t, convinced this was it
These cards I was dealt, didn't want no help
Head deep in sand, didn't want a hand
I didn't want to go home

I put these shackles around myself
I can't blame anyone else
I held back my life and yours

Looking back, you saved my life
Not just once, you saved me twice
I wallowed in pity and dishonesty
A sorry excuse I'd become
You gave me a chance to put things right
You gave mе a gift I'll cherish for life
You threw mе a rope and I'm glad of it
Our girl's future's now gold
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